Terramesh is a reinforced soil system for stabilizing steep and near vertical slopes. A Terramesh unit comprises a continuous horizontal panel of woven wire steel mesh geo-grid with a integral gabion fascia unit. The fascia unit is filled with hard durable rock-fill, identical to a gabion, and the geo-grid tail is then sandwiched between layers of compacted granular. Layers of Terramesh units are then constructed to form reinforced soil retaining structures of almost any height. The structure has the aesthetics of a gabion structure, with the reassurance and robustness of soil reinforcement.

Terramesh is rapid to construct, and can even reuse site won materials provided they meet our recommendations. This reuse of materials embraces sustainability of scarce resources, reducing taking unwanted materials from site as well as polluting truck movements.


Technical Specifications:
Terramesh sizes:

Mesh size
Length (m) Width
Height (m) Galv + PVC Galfan+ PVC
        2.7mm 2.7mm
80x100 4 2 1 l l
80x100 4 2 0.5 l l
80x100 6 2 1 l l
80x100 6 2 0.5 l l

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