Galvanized Wire

Our Galvanized wire is made from both of low carbon and high carbon steel wire with galvanized zinc coating to resist corrosion and oxidation with low cost and high formability for wide industry use.


Low cost and the considerable physical properties of high formability, high hardness and excellent fatigue strength. Also, it suffers from good corrosion and oxidation resistance, so is widely used in demanding environments.


Tie wire, Fencing wire, staples, cloth hanger wire, spring wire
Wire basket, Gabions,Mesh,Cable.
Kinds of wire formed products.


Cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized, heavy galvanized, aluminum zinc galvanized.



Technical Informations

Wire Guage Wire        mm Tensile strength (n/mm2) Zinc coat (g/m2) Packing weight kg/roll
8# 4.06 350-500 soft   550-980 hard   1000-2600 high tensile 8-12 cold galvanized                30-80 hot dip galvanized                  120-500 heavy galvanized 0.5-25kg small packing                     50-150kg mild packing   150-500kg big packing
9# 3.66
10# 3.25
11# 2.95
12# 2.64
13# 2.34
14# 2.03
15# 1.83
16# 1.63
17# 1.42
18# 1.22
19# 1.02
20# 0.91
21# 0.81
22# 0.71
One 20ft full container can load 25-27MT maximum.23#to 34# galvanized wire are also available

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