Reno Mattress

Reno Mattresses are a flat version of our double twist woven mesh gabions. They are used mainly for erosion control when the retaining properties of box gabions are not required. The base section is divided into 1 meter wide compartments to restrict the movement of stone and strengthen the structure. The lid is supplied as a separate panel.
They offer long term high strength erosion protection, providing a shear resistance of twice that of rip-rap for the same sized stone.

In water courses, there will be erosion and differential settlement in the dynamic flow environments. Double twist woven mesh mattresses accommodate differential settlement far better than welded mesh, and will not unzip or rupture under settlement or under impact from suspended debris in the channel.

A polymer coated and galvanized woven Reno Mattress is strongly recommended in water environments to provide a decent design life.

Technical Specifications:
Reno Mattress sizes:

Mesh size
Length (m) Width
Depth (m) Galvanised Wire Diameter (PVC Coating additional)
        2.0mm 2.4mm 2.7mm
60x80 6 2 0.17 l    
60x80 3 2 0.17 l    
60x80 6 2 0.23 l    
60x80 3 2 0.23 l    
80x100 6 2 0.3   l  
80x100 3 2 0.3   l  
80x100 6 2 0.5     l
80x100 3 2 0.5     l

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