Bekafor Classic

Bekafor Classic is a rigid panel fence system that protects house and garden in a classic way.


High longevity
Bekafor Classic offers certified quality and lifetime, as the panels are made of galvanised steel wire, plastic coated afterwards with high adhesion.

Easy installation
Bekafor Classic is a complete system of several panel heights and convenient posts, collets, accessories (floor plates, corner clips and wall fixators) and gates offer a solution for all situations. Bekafor Classic can even be installed on a wall or concrete floor.

Modern & simple design
Blending into the garden, Bekafor Classic provides peace of mind combined with simple design. The superior rigidity of this residential fence helps you to border your garden in a durable way and its simple design makes it very discreet. Bekafor Classic vertical barbs at one side that can be placed at the top for a more protective fence. The panels can be completed with an infill to enchance privacy (Bekafor Collfort & Bekafor Nevada).

Ideal for

fencing of residential surroundings.

Technical Informations

Mesh size: 100x50mm
Horizontal wire diameter:4.5mm and vertical wire diameter:4.0mm
Finish: galvanized then pvc coating.
Color:  green RAL6005 ,white RAL9010 and anthracite grey color.
The panel is reinforced by means of 2 or more V-shapes in the horizontal direction of the panel.
The panels have vertical barbs of 30 mm on one side (top or at bottom).
Fence height Dimensions panels Height post Height post
(mm) W x H (mm) to be put in concrete(mm) to be put in base plate(mm)
630 2000x630 1100 700
1030 2000 x 1030 1500 1100
1230 2000 x 1230 1700 1300
1530 2000 x 1530 2000  
1730 2000x1730 2300  
2030 2000x2030 2500  

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